Saturday, August 25, 2007

its been a while.....

hey there everyone in internet land....yes its been a long long time since ive made a good post. so i have a few ive been busy beyond what i ecpected and im totally emotionally, mentally and physically tired, but tahts ok, cos im still loving it. the people are amazinga nd every week a new group of awesome kids come sin. ive spent the last 2 weeks running teh program at night which pretty much means i get to go crazy and have a whole bunch of fun running game sfor the kids. and i get to ride the golf cart around. i love it. been wokring snack bar or day camp during the day time, which has been making it tiring, but i wouldnt give up the program stuff for sleep so hey thats my call!

this week coming is teh last week of campf or summer and thats a very good thing, im back on counselling this week, and i have like 5 girls, cos theres only 14 campers so it'l be interesting. but it should be a great week, and then after summer we all head to wonderland as staff to just chill out. then ill be going up to cottage of one of teh families who work shere, and mum and dad come in a few weeks, then new york city just after that....and plus work at the ranch in amongst all that. it'll be a heaps slower pace by then which will be a nice change.

rigth now im sitting in teh coach house, chilling with some of the guys playing music and such when we really should be in bed, but this is much more fun. love it. made some amazing friend sthis summer and i cantw iat to go and visit them all afetr summer, i think its going to be a really good year ahead....

so im gonna get back to it....when i put photos on my computer ill add soem uup here so you can see a bit of life here. till then hope ur all well. sne dme letters cos i dont get enough mail!!!

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