Saturday, September 8, 2007

a few photos.......

Chillin on the ice
bens birthday cake....that much ice cream cake definatly brought on ice cream shakes and feeling of nausea all round! its lynda, ian, ben, laura and brooke
ready for mission impossible with ian and laura, we play this pretty much every week and its amazing!
view from the hills at sunrise after our camp out. the ranch is hidden beneath that fog....
dress up dinner with Spencer and Yvonne....we pretty much rocked that one


Unknown said...

ahh looks like so much fun!!! glad you are having a good time, say hi to the folks for me.. oxoxoxox

Unknown said...

looks like your having a great time,

your invited to my housewarming this friday, but i forgive you if you can't make it.

cya soon
Rich :)

Roxanne Henderson said...

hey babe!
looks like you are having a ball! I miss you heaps! Can't wait to catch up again!!
Feel the Love!