Wednesday, October 10, 2007

catch up


its been a long time since ive posted an dyour all probably wondering what has happened to me....welll life has been CRAZY! ive been so busy!

moved into my house, started my long term job at the ranch and still getting use to canada crazy as it seems! im working mainly in the kitchen, which is always busy but the pats few weeks have been crazier than normal as ive been wokring 2 jobs here at ranch and im TIRED! ive bene in the kitchen but also hosting groups that come in and lookinga fter the weekend staff while they are here, so its alot of being on the ball mentally if that makes any sense! but the person im filling in for is back tomorrow which is amazing cos im tired! im ready to go back to wokring a normalish persons work load!

so before that craziness mum and dad came for a visit! they stayed here at ranch for 2 days to see wher ei lived, and then i met them in New York taht weekend, and we did all teh touristy things etc....ill do a separet blog for that!!!

ok....thats it for this one....

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