Wednesday, November 7, 2007

do you speak french?

so we have a band camp in this week at the ranch and tonight they had a latin band come in to play for the kids- it was AMAZING!!!!!!!

the band was absolutely tops, and yvonne being the amaizng pro dancer that she is, taught us how to salsa. so we got to spend the night salsa dancing to sweet music!!!! n then we hung out with the band after and they are great guys. all from cuba- Emmmy you would have LOVED it!

definately the best night ive had in a long time!

viva musica e bailar en cuba


Julie said...

Oui, je parle français. Mais je ne comprends pas pourqoui tu as choisi ce titre. Comprends-tu?

Sounds like a fun night - any pictures to post?

dr maya vale said...

oui, moi, je parle le français aussi. c'est chouette parler ça!