Thursday, November 29, 2007

so if you've no place to go...

so its winter!!!! outside is covered in snow, and its not an uncommon sight to look out the window while working toe see snow flying around. it makes you feel like your in a snow globe. pretty fun!!
ive learnt that when snow stay son teh ground for a littel bit it get sreally really icy and really really slippery!!! so there has been many a slide on the ice walking to work.

i have also learnt that as its soooooo cold outside and soooooo warm inside everytime you enter or leave a place it takes a good few minutes to dress or undress yourself tpoo fut the temperature. i bougty a winter coat and snow pants on teh weekend and it was perfect timing because i wouldnt have made it this far through the week without them!

turns out everything is brigher in the snow and i can walk around at 1am and i can see evrything almost like its the middle of the day! the swimming pond look particularly amazing in the middle of the night and ive decided its my new favourite place. as you get to the end of the forrest just before it opens up into the campfire area, the trees are a littel further apart but still shade the path enougah dn it feels like your walking through narnia. absolutely amazing!!!!

so my extra exciting news for today is the purchase of a snowboard!!! yep its true, im now a snowboarder. im gonna go ahead and guess at least for the first little bit ill be a bad snowboarder but one none the less!!!! tomoro if i get time im going to try it out on the hill in front of the hosue and pray that i can stop before i get to the pond and crack through the ice!!! so sarah and simon you have a new snowboarding buddy when i get home!!!!

thats about it for now. really should go to bed cos its late and i have a ridiculously long day ahead!!!


Unknown said...

nice looking board. How co-ordinated do you have to be?

Lynda said...

hahah dont know yet!!!! hopefully gonna try it out tomorrow on the hill in my front yard!!! we got a sweet snow fall today! so ill let you know!

Unknown said...

did you write this late at night :P, i swear you have better spelling than that normally :)

when do you come home??


Lynda said...

haha of cours eit was late at night! my spelling sucks! i think i fly into aus march its like 3 months now!

earthdancer said...

hey there snowboarder friend,

i miss you. i'm glad you are now a snowboarder as i think i've become cooler by mere association. so many thanks.
my throat hurts. i don't think it would if you were in sydney.
so come back.