Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

so i woke up this morning to my room mate proclaiming that it was snowing out.....in my sleepy daze i fell back to sleep......but when i did ventur eoutside with yvonne an hour later- to our amazemenet it was indeed snowing!!!!!! we laughed all teh wya to the kitchen at the sheer absurdity that it was snowing in november when in theory i should be at the beach with all you sydney siders......i slipped on the stairs to the dining hall! and continued to laugh at the whole thing!

so from there on i ventured into the snow many many man y many times today as i was hosting a few groups in teh ranch and shifting meals from building to building. i also gave anice little introduction speech to a group of school kids who are at ranch for band camp...yes i said band camp......in the snow!!!!! it was fun!

just after lunch it began to snow more and yvonne and i went skipping and running and cartwheeling in the snow!!! much much fun!

sadly though- its not yet cold enough to actually have snow collect on the ground....but we are meant to get about 5cam overnight so hopefully when i venture outside at 7am....it will be venturing into a white covered winter wonderland!!!! heres hoping.....

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