Sunday, January 27, 2008

australia day???

so i had these big grand plans to celebrate australia day in canada.....i was originally going to go to the beach (lake beach of course because im in teh middle of the country!), bbq lamb, bake lammingtons, cook a pavlova, do anzac biscuits, go snowboarding with the aussie flag, train my foreign friends in all ways australian and do it all in the snow in shorts and tshirt if i could stand it BUT.....

12:30 the night before aus day on a quick walk to the dining hall- a freak accident involving a head lock, a scared leah screaming, yvonne and some slippery snow, i ended up busting my knee, being carried back to my apartment by 2 random knights in shining armour, and henceforth spending the whole of australia day on my butt icing my knee cos i couldnt move it!

needless to say my celebrations of australia day have been postponed until further notice....

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Kevin Murray said...


Hope you're better soon. Australia Day weekend here has been pretty warm. We're all gearing up for the start of school and work this week after holidays. Been watching lots of tennis!

Also been getting ready for some home extensions that should start mid Feb/early March.