Friday, February 1, 2008

long day????

so today has been a long long day...sarted at 8:30am got an hour or 2 off in the afternoon and then worked until 12:30am the next day! so i think that ends up being about 14 hours without the break.....why you ask???? WELL!!!

today was the NHL hockey gala at the ranch. and i had the pleasure of wokring the VIP room. so we spent all day preparing for said gala and also lunch for staff, then...this fine evening we got to serve food and all that jazz to the players and they're families. the way it all works is that we have a bunch of old awesome NHL hockey players come and people pay a whole bunch of money to play on teams with them to raise money for the ranch. so after the game there were a whole bunch of the most famous canadian hockey players in one room, and boy were people excited to see them! people were getting autographs every which way and tv cameras were all around....but my favourite thing was that i had no idea who any of them actually were! i dont know the difference between them and the other guys in the room!

was a pretty sweet evening all round, i got some free stuff, met some very famous people (Paul henderson was there, the goalie from slapshot, mike gartner, daryl sittler, laurie boschman to name a few) got to eat some lovely lovely lamb!! and pretty much had a sweet but busy time....and needless to say at 2:15am im ready to sleep.....

off to niagra falls tomorrow....

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