Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 3...

so day three of snowboarding bindings broke yesterday and i didnt make it into town to get it fixed this afternoon so i borrowed my room-mates board. headed out about 7:30pm with leah to the apartment hill. was soooooo cold, i think it was sittiing about -15 plus windchill. there was heaps of wind last night and so the snow has drifted soooo much. the result??? really thick snow thats still good for packing but this means its light and fluffy until pressure is applied and it sticks in big clumps......what does that mean for snowboarding??? it was even harder than yesterday! i finally got my bindings done up in the dark- harder than you think with black bindings....and turn to head down the hilll get about a metre and fall over becasue your board has a foot and a half of snow caked to it. really good for snowboarding eh!

so needless to say the attempt didnt last long i think 2 runs in all and neither even all the way down the hill and teh snowboard would physically go no further!. but still day 3 completed!

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bassmansimon said...

ah sucky. i broke my binding base plate on my last day of boarding in winter. so jealous of u right now reading about snow. not perfect snow, yes, but snow none the less. hope u realise how fortunate you are :)