Wednesday, December 12, 2007


so i missed a week....sorry and this has to be quick because its 4:30am and i really need to get to bed!!....

so the past week. i guess the biggest things have been my first snowboarding experience last wednesday! it was awesome. the next day my whole body hurt! muscles i didnt even know existed were mad at me for snowboarding!. we wnet very early to blue mountain and got set up with a lesson. rachel, luke, stephen and i all had lessons together on the little hill and we learnt all the basics. which pretty much took us til lunch time. after lunch janet and sarah somehow manage dto convince me to go down one of the big hills with them....let me tell you the difference between the 2 hills was beyond imagination! i gave sarah instructions to send my body home to australia if i died! standing at the top of that hill looking down was one of the scariest momments of my life!!!

so as expected- i fell ALOT of times on the way down!!! and spent alot of time on my butt! it took me at least 15mins to get down the hill!!! but.....i did it! and i was learning all the way! after that i reverted back to the small hill and practiced more, even made it all teh way down without falling on my last run of the day! all in all it was an amazing day! everyone said we got the best day ever to learn. the snow was freash and there was heaps of powder so it didnt hurt very much to fall in! and we just had so much fun.....and yep i love the snowboarding!

in other big news....julie came to visit for a weekend and i got to show her the ranch in winter!! we went for a snowy trail ride wher ei thought my legs fell off because i lost all feeling to them! went skating by ourselves at the rink! wnet to the best resterant in town wher ei even got aussie rack of lamb- AMAZING!!! and even got to go down to church in oakville. all in all it was awesome to get to hang out with her and show her more of where i live!

today, steve, stephen and i all got up very very early and headed down to the state sto pick yvonne up from buffalo airport! was a nice little road trip and an eventful boarder crossing. stephen got mistaken for a dude who'd gone on a nice little crime spree throughout america!!! we picked up yvonne and made our way back up through niagra falls. i got to drive for the first time in canada! and we checked out the falls because stephen hadnt been yet and as he leaves on fridya it was kinda his last chance. they were amazing in the snow!!! we found this awesome tree that was totally covered in ice!!!! so cool!

so this week is full of airport runs and mixed emotions! i fly out tomorrow to go to kirks wedding which is really exciting! i cant wait to see kirk and the mellers and andrew, fiona and lucy and get to see kirk get married!! but this week also holds sadness as stephen heads back to scotland. its going to be very weird and quiet not having him around and we're definately going to miss him!

ooo and i almost forgot- we christmasfied the apartment!!!! sunday afternoon ashley, sarah, jon boy and i headed out to the front field, cut down our very own real live christmas tree and dragge dit all teh way home!!! set it up and decorated it! and tonight sarah and i put lights up in the hedge!!! it all looks so lovely and christmasy!!!!! i love it and yes indeed it really is begining to look alot like christmas.....

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