Sunday, December 30, 2007

fare thee well 2007...

so its almost 2008.....the year has gone so quickly and yet ive never had a longer year in my life!

it sure has been a busy and full year but its been a good one. as the year wraps up in this winter wonderland in which im currently residing the last week has been good! and as i have nothing overly profound to say on the years end, ill tell you about the last week!

so christmas was good and white at the daniel residence. i was spoilt with presents from mum n dad at home, and julie and the daniels and my roommates and my bosses!!! and had a good day all round! boxing day was spent shopping with laura, julie and camille. i bought me a snowboard bag so i can get the board home!!! yay!!! and saw p.s. i love you at the movies- very very good movie!!!! then headed on back to the ranch for work the next day!

was a busy one ill tell you- not....there was about 5 people on ranch, so its really really quiet and strange!!! Laura and heidi came to stay the night and laura and i went snowboarding on the rodeo hill at midnight! so much fun!!!

the next day i attended the ballet in toronoto with laura, heidi and ash to see the nutcracker- it was AWESOME!!!! i never realised all those songs i knew were from that! absolutely loved it! and it made me wanna be up on stage again....

this leads us into the weekend....being that theres no one really around and i had the apartment all to myself, i cleaned a lot and eventually leah came over for a one tree hill marathon which was truly amazing!!!

a bit more lazing around leads us to here sunday night, with a not very eventful weekend under my belt to finish off 2007 and getting ready for 2008 and all the unknown that lies before me. im both excited and scared. i have no idea where God is taking me in the new year i just hope its going to be full of adventure and im excited to see what he has for me!


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