Tuesday, December 25, 2007

so this is christmas...

well first of all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

im still over herein canadia and enjoying very much my first ever white christmas! everything looks beatiful outside and im hoping we'll get some snow this afternoon to frollic in! im spending christmas at the Daniels house, they've pretty much adopted me as an extra daughter so its been fun! very differnt to home in Australia but still great!

the lead up to christmas has been sooo crazy busy that ive got myself sick! i had kirks wedding last weekend in washington state which was awesome....ill do a separate blog on that later! and things at the ranch have been crazy in preparation for christmas! there was much baking to do for the ranch and then yvonne and i had christmas baking fest 2007 with heidi late on saturday night! with all we had to get done, we got to our beds finally at around 6am! but we did have a very productive evening of baking, wrapping, packing and dying my hair!

its been pretty cool being over here for christmas! the snow is amazing (theres about 2 foot at the ranch!) and it makes everything seem more christmasy! theres lights everywhere and we even put some up outside our apartment! we had our apartment christmas on saturday morning before everyone went there separate ways, and i made mums crepes and we opened our gift. was really fun!

hmmm so thats pretty much it for now! we are off to lauras grandparents for dinner so i must get ready but i hope you all had a great christmas and enjoy the rest of the year!

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