Sunday, December 30, 2007

kirks wedding

so while im here i may as well let you all know how kirks wedding was....well it was pretty much great!!!

it was so good to get to see people from home again! and so good to see kirk who i hadnt seen since feb! i felt very special to get to be the representative for the Lost party and all those people from home who couldnt get there. it really was special to get to see kirk get married!

it got off to an interesting start with me loosing my voice the morning i was flying out! so i arrived in portland to greet kirk with a whisper! got to see bruce, lorraine, renee and greg and finally meet bethany that night before finally getting to bed! andrew and fiona arried the next day with Lucy and it was so good to get to see them all again as well and far out lucy's grown!

it was nice to get to spend a day or 2 with people and meeting so many new people and starting to get a taste of what kirks life is like in kelso.

the wedding was beautiful and kirk looked very handsome and bethany look stunning! it was really special to get to see little kirkus getting hitched!

all in all the time in washington was great! may favourite parts were definately being ablet to spend time with old friends and get a taste of home again. i had a great night with kirk, renee and greg hanging out in the spa at the hotel it was the first time in years we'd all been together and probably the lats time for a few more years and it was on the other side of the world!

so yeah thats about it!!

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