Saturday, October 13, 2007

gap jeans????? more like CRAP JEANS!!!!!

so bougth myself some nice new jeans when i was in the states to get me through a bit of the cold, wore them once in new york and bought them back to the ranch. so last nigth i put them on for the first time sinc ei got them in canada, crouched down to pick something up and the RIPPED!!!!!! like a HUGE rip!!!!! all the way down from the zipper and the across the leg so theres a huge gapeing hole like about 20cm long!!!!!

so took them back to gap in canada today same company right??? yes!!!! but can they take them back cos they're jeans suck????? NO!!!!! and why???? because of customs crap?!!?!!!! what the???? so if i wanna get my money back or get new one so im not loosing ove rhalf a weeks pay check on nothing i have to get them bakc to the state!!!! GAY!!!!!


Sylv said...

That's why jeanswest fits best. (sigh) You're going to miss family and friends this year. That is quite unfortunate.

earthdancer said...

hey baby,
you realise hole in jeans = HOT
let alone 20cm hole in jeans.
i'm sleepy. and have got to finish an application by today. ill email you soon and tell you what it's for.
i love lyn