Wednesday, October 10, 2007


ok so final blog for now.....just spent the weekend at the Daniels place- they're kinda my adpoted family while im over here!!! i met laura last year and we bacame pretty close, so they tend to look after me! so this was my first reall full on thanksgiving....i had to work the first half of the weekend which sucked, but after saturday lunch was finished at the ranch, lauras sister heidi drove me, yvonne (my scottish roommate) and steven (another token scotsman at ranch!) down to missisauga for a weekend of fun, food and being away from the ranch!!

mostly it was just alot of relaxing really!!! it seemed that whenever we stopped we napped. we made it to church on sunday morning which was great, and then had thanksgiving dinner with lauras extended family. thanksgiving ffod is pretty good! lots of turkey, mash potatoes, sweet potatoe and gravy basically!!! after dinner, we headed out for a walk down to the river, which was really beatiful. all the leaves are changing colour and its looks amazing!!!

after our walk we pretty much went back to eating!!! hahaha.....follwed by napping....followed by watching many movies!!! pretty much the perfect weekend! hahaha.

but the best bit was definately getting to hang our with laura, ian, von, steve, heidi, julie, ruthy, and eric!!! and the rets of the family. was so nice to be just away from the ranch and get some space and some relaxation!!

i vote australia adopts thanksgiving!!!

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