Tuesday, May 22, 2007

newbie blog

so this is my first post eh.....

first things first- the name.....if you know me you'll probably be thinking 'quiet side??? she has a quiet side?????'...do not fear! its after a song i am currently listening to called "the quite side" by a band called meese.....it was all i could think of at the time and figured it could be a bit ironic in regard to spending a summer with kids 24/7

second....so i figured it would be easier for me to create a blog and have you all check it rather than trying to email a stack of people. so if you wanna know whats going on in lynda's canadian adventures you've come to the right spot....for anyone who doesnt know, i head off to canada on june 14th to work at Teen Ranch for 9 months. il spend my time hanging out with little kids and telling them about Gods love, horseriding, playing ice hockey, hanging with very cool people, learning to speak slowly so canadaians can undertsand me, drinking lots of tim hortons french vanilla cappucino, listening to country music, becoming a true cowgirl and doing all kinds of other camp activities! its going to be a challenge, but i cant wait...

....as for now im doing a whole lot of the little things i need to get done before i leave in less than 4 weeks!!! like thinking about packing, having coffee with people, organising final flights, visas so i can get into the countries of choice, bits of paperwork here and there, making the phone calls you forget you need to make and trying to earn as much money as i can!

thats about all i have for now......check back later to see if anything new is here!