Thursday, November 29, 2007

so if you've no place to go...

so its winter!!!! outside is covered in snow, and its not an uncommon sight to look out the window while working toe see snow flying around. it makes you feel like your in a snow globe. pretty fun!!
ive learnt that when snow stay son teh ground for a littel bit it get sreally really icy and really really slippery!!! so there has been many a slide on the ice walking to work.

i have also learnt that as its soooooo cold outside and soooooo warm inside everytime you enter or leave a place it takes a good few minutes to dress or undress yourself tpoo fut the temperature. i bougty a winter coat and snow pants on teh weekend and it was perfect timing because i wouldnt have made it this far through the week without them!

turns out everything is brigher in the snow and i can walk around at 1am and i can see evrything almost like its the middle of the day! the swimming pond look particularly amazing in the middle of the night and ive decided its my new favourite place. as you get to the end of the forrest just before it opens up into the campfire area, the trees are a littel further apart but still shade the path enougah dn it feels like your walking through narnia. absolutely amazing!!!!

so my extra exciting news for today is the purchase of a snowboard!!! yep its true, im now a snowboarder. im gonna go ahead and guess at least for the first little bit ill be a bad snowboarder but one none the less!!!! tomoro if i get time im going to try it out on the hill in front of the hosue and pray that i can stop before i get to the pond and crack through the ice!!! so sarah and simon you have a new snowboarding buddy when i get home!!!!

thats about it for now. really should go to bed cos its late and i have a ridiculously long day ahead!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


hey ho,
just a quick one....about to finish wokr and the internet is still down at home so here it is.....
getting very veyr cold!!! wnet to guelph on teh weekend (about and hour from here) to watch a mates high school footy match! very funny! and very veyr cold. minus 6 infact and we were outside!!! crazy huh! he's definately the most popular guy on his team now aftre having 3 girls 2 of whom are foreign cheering very very loudly all game for him!

the ponds froze over the otehr day but with a little rain and slightly warmer weather they defrosted. apparently this is just temporary.....

tomoro i heda to pennsylvania in the states to do some hardcore shopping with hardcore sales. apparently its nut so im excited!!1 and we are expecting a huge snowstorm 2mroo so that will make driving fun!

we've put up the christmas decorations in the main places at the ranch in teh last 2 days so thats been way fun, listening to christmas carols and decorating trees and putting up lights. i love Christmas!!!!!! we even had a nice little christmas family dinner last night squishing 10 of us around the table and eating by the light of a canlde an dteh tree, and today at lunch we lit the fire in teh dining hall for the first time. tahtw as fun and smokey!

now im off to shannons for a while, shes up from college for the weekend and we're gonna go watch hairspray because frankly who doesnt love hairspray????!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

snow and other such things

so last week we had an amazing snow fall- well amaizng for the aussie at least! it stayed on the ground for a whole day!!!! so heres some pics!

the coach house

the hill outside the dining hall across to the circle

the fence...typical canadian country fence

yvonne and i in the snow with our retro headbands

thats pretty much it for now.....maybe heading to guelph for weekend to see a friends championship high school football game. im kinda excited! and also singing at a youth group this friday which is exciting- been missing singing alot. headed to the states the weekend after that for black friday- the hugest sales of the year!!! so shopping spree ahoy!

other than that things are going along as normal. the internet is down at the hosue which sucks, and means blogging n all that jazz gets done less!!! as does booking flights....whoops.

ive found a church that yvonne and i have decided to make our home while we are here. its calle dthe meeting house and its amazing. the idea is that its a church for people who dont like church. the music is top notch and the teaching is just as amazing. the preacher bruxy cavey does an amzing job at getting into the bible in depth while holding your attention. its pretty much everything a church should be. its huge as well which i guess is maybe the one downfall in taht its hard to get to know people (also enhanced by the fact that its an hour away so its hard to hang out with people) but bruxy has adopted yvonne and i as his new foreign friends which is cool. they try to get around the fact that its so big by making home churchs (bible study) their focus for community building. so if we get the chance yvonne and i might look into one. but yeah its great. you should all go and find the sermons on podcast, go to to check out more about it!

hope your well! more soon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

do you speak french?

so we have a band camp in this week at the ranch and tonight they had a latin band come in to play for the kids- it was AMAZING!!!!!!!

the band was absolutely tops, and yvonne being the amaizng pro dancer that she is, taught us how to salsa. so we got to spend the night salsa dancing to sweet music!!!! n then we hung out with the band after and they are great guys. all from cuba- Emmmy you would have LOVED it!

definately the best night ive had in a long time!

viva musica e bailar en cuba

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

so i woke up this morning to my room mate proclaiming that it was snowing my sleepy daze i fell back to sleep......but when i did ventur eoutside with yvonne an hour later- to our amazemenet it was indeed snowing!!!!!! we laughed all teh wya to the kitchen at the sheer absurdity that it was snowing in november when in theory i should be at the beach with all you sydney siders......i slipped on the stairs to the dining hall! and continued to laugh at the whole thing!

so from there on i ventured into the snow many many man y many times today as i was hosting a few groups in teh ranch and shifting meals from building to building. i also gave anice little introduction speech to a group of school kids who are at ranch for band camp...yes i said band the snow!!!!! it was fun!

just after lunch it began to snow more and yvonne and i went skipping and running and cartwheeling in the snow!!! much much fun!

sadly though- its not yet cold enough to actually have snow collect on the ground....but we are meant to get about 5cam overnight so hopefully when i venture outside at will be venturing into a white covered winter wonderland!!!! heres hoping.....