Monday, June 23, 2008


so im sitting here on the porch of the dining hall as the sky spews forth a lot of lovely hail and i realise ive been gone over a week and had no contact with the motherland.....whoops......

ok so then canada. got here a week or so ago and hit into full swing of work trying to get stuff ready for summer.

its been a strange week filled with great joys and great sorrow. one of the ladies here had a baby- called sam and he is just beautiful. such a blessing and brings such great joy to athena and andy. one of my adopted canadian sisters got enaged and another one is getting married tomorrow night. and its been great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones already.

now the to deep sorrow from this past week. a young guy mike (25) who i was working with in the kitchen this past winter, sadly on wednesday night last week he had a seizure which led to his death. this was a big shock for everyone at the ranch as he was such a part of things here and has stirred so many emotions. he was really a great guy with an increadilbe heart for the Lord. his servant heart put all of us to shame and he will be deeply missed. he was very excited that he'd been accepted to be a bunkhouse leader all summer and it sadens me deeply that the kids who would have had in his cabin wont get to meet him, because i know the impact he would have had on them would have been of eternal significance. the funeral was today and was a wondeful testament to mike and though we will miss him deeply, we can and do all rejoice with him that his sufferings on earth are completed and his joy with the Lord can now be fully realised.

so staff training has begun and its been quite a hard start to the week. there is heaps to get done, and little time for rest in that process. so i will be relying heavily on God and His strength to get me through and complete the tasks he has set before me for His work.