Wednesday, July 4, 2007

this and that

hey everyone,
just a really really quick blog, its been hard to get time to go on the internet, but hopefully ill get mor etime soon. so basically been having agreat time, its father son camp this wesk so ive been on work crew and we've been cleaning the swimming pond an dthe hypo pond getting them ready for summer. its fun but hard work. pulling weeds all day from teh bottom of the pond. but hey we're girls working hard, and doing a good job. plus im wokring with amazing people so its fun. just had a massage - yeah hard life eh! they bring in professionals for fatehr son camp, so staff scam massages as well. its awesome! and been painting this morning. lots more work to do but still having lots of fun. getting a sweet tan, and going to see transformers....seen it twic ethis week, once for free and its awesome! this weekend im off to a few peoples houses to hang out aweay from ranch which should be nice before we get into the full swing of summer camps on sunday.

feeling a bit sick, and still got a bad chesty cough but slowly getting better. had dinner at the best resturant ever last saturday and il post about it later. but till then, hope your all well, miss you lots and hope to hear from you soon!

ps- also got a cell phone now so email me if you wnat the number!