Saturday, September 8, 2007

a few photos.......

Chillin on the ice
bens birthday cake....that much ice cream cake definatly brought on ice cream shakes and feeling of nausea all round! its lynda, ian, ben, laura and brooke
ready for mission impossible with ian and laura, we play this pretty much every week and its amazing!
view from the hills at sunrise after our camp out. the ranch is hidden beneath that fog....
dress up dinner with Spencer and Yvonne....we pretty much rocked that one


so summer is finally over....its a good and bad thing.....good because im so tired and exhausted from the 11 weeks of intensity but bad because it means that all the amazing people i got to spend summer with have also gone!

so its abit quieter now around ranch, ive moved into my place for teh next 6 months. its called teh apartment and its up near the barn, i share it with 3 other lovely ladies, and im working mostly in the kitchen, but also the office one night a week, snack bar, and i will be doing promotion wokr for the ranch in schools and churchs and hostessing for groups that come in. so theres lots to do! today has been especially busy! we started in teh kitchen at 6am.....because theres 5 hockey teams in this weekend so we had 3 breakfasts to serve! its been a long day! but it ended well with a lovely trip to the cosmic bowl!!! where we bowled by black light, i even tried 5 pin bowling and its weird!

im getting used to the apartment being my new home, and went on a trip to ikea the other day to get the place organised. had much fun of course!!! and iv decided along with yvonne (the scot im living with) taht we should take advantage of living at the ranch and us ethe stuff we have around us....taht being said we went boating last night after finishing in teh kitchen an dthen sat on the hypo pond log and fished for teh evil fish thats lives in there....sadly to no avail....but fun all the same.

mum and dad are coming on tuesday for a few days. it will be greta to see them and show them around my home!! so they'll finally know what im talkinga bout when i describe thiings! then a few days after they leave im heading to new york city to meet them for a few mroe days...ahve a small accomodation problem at the momment in that i have no place to stay in new york for 1 night!!! so praying that will get worked out quickly!

thats about it for now!!!