Sunday, June 24, 2007

fun times to boot

so ive been spending the last few days hanging out with Laura, her sister Julie, and yvonne teh scottsih chick. has been awesome just hanging out and having fun with them!

yesterday we got up very very early (in the 5am region) and drove out to london, ontario for lauras orientation for college which she starst in september. we dropped her off and then set off to set up the apartment her and julie will be sharing. and they employed the cheap foreign labour (yvonne and i!) and we built them a table! was fun, and we even met some of her neighbours, and got to know the apartment we wil be crashing in when we come to visit. we explored campus and the town abit and its really nice. we approve.

then today, we went down to lakeshore very early again for breakfast with some lovely ladies from ranch bethany and shannon. was so greta to see them both again and breakfast was amaizng. i was weirded out by the fact that the lake (lake ontario) is so large that it actually extends to the horiaon so it feels like your looking out at the ocean but its totally flat and doesnt smell like the sea!

after this lovely jaunt we headed to downtown toronoto to watch the toronoto blue jays play the colorado rockies in baseball! this was the first baseball game for both yvonne and i and was very exciting! there was a hilarous chillie race between 2 innings, and we got sunburnt!! we also decided to explore the statium which is massive!!! and found a kids club thing and ran arond the statium getting stamps so we could get a free baseball player bobble head. you were menat to be under 14 but apparently being forgeing works just as well! yvonne an di also joine dthe kids club for $10 each which got us a shirt,visor,sweat bands, dog tags and a memebrship card!!! soooo cool!!! so we are now officially jnr jays! we also got photso with the team mascot, ranodm people and police! good day all in all!

then after dinner we headed out to the drive-ins. this was everyone except mines first drive-in experience. so we were all excited. its didnt start till 9:45 cos its still light so late. so we piled into lauras an julies parents van and set up the back with cushions and blankets. was so much fun. yvonne and julie ended up on teh roof for most of it, and we got a sweet deal with $11 for 2 movies! what a bargain! had an amazing time and got home about 2:30am!

im still having a great time as you can tell! we all head up to ranch tomoro afternoon to start staff training at 6! so from here on out there may be less blogs
depeneidng on when i get free time and net acces...but keep checking in to see hwat sgoing on. hope your all well!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

transcontinental jaunt

so its a few days on....monday i spent at the canada services building in calgary gettinga social insurance number so i can fun fun...followed by a good quick meal at earls with julie, before rushing to the airport to get my 3:45 flight to toronto....

it was hard saying goodbye to julie again. its amazing how quickly we slip back into it being jsut normal to have the other one around. so that was hard. but the flight went fast enough and i arrived to the best welcome ive ever had! yvonne, laura, and julie (lauras sister) were waiting for me at the airport and were so excited to see me that they actually jumped the fence thing and came into the bagge claim to hug me. pretty funny! and pretty sure evryone else was jealous they didnt get the same welcome! was so so so good to see them all again. and have spent the tiem since then hanging out and slipping back into that being the norm.

yvonne and i are staying here at lauras all week until staff training at the ranch from sunday. so we have a fun week of slepeing,e ating, shopping and random fun planned.

today we ended up meeting up with a friend of mine from School- joel. we didnt manage to catch each other when we were both in canada last year so we made a concerted effort to do it this time! so we picked him up at the station and hung out in the mall food court for a bit over an hour! very scenice location i know,, but the company was good. it was very cool and random to get to catch up with joel on the opposite side of the world to our normal existence. and nice to have a good dose of the aussie accent as hanging out with the canadians is already chipping away at my accent!

so all is well, missing home and people alot...and my body clock is still messed up, but hopefully that should all subside soon as i get into the swing of things here!

hope your all well :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

some large hills

today we headed out to the mountains in an attempt to prove to me that they actually exist....and it appears that they do....and there are rather large as well. we went to lake louise out past bamff and another lake whose name i dont rememeber. i was suprised to find snow still on the ground and the mountains in summer... but none was more suprising than the colour of the water. it's intense blue, almost fake looking and pretty opaque as well. julie said its to do with the limestone suspended in it.... whatever causes it, it looks pretty awesome.

and seeing as i dont do regular tourist photos here is the first of many lynda tourist photos...jumping at lake louise.

calagary fun n shennanigans

today i caught up with my friend Clay who i meet when he was in Australia earlier in the year. he drove out from BC with some friends to hang out for the day. after an adventure filled trip to chinook mall (we got pretty lost and then more lost cos of roadwork!) we braved the large mall and shopped more then most boys would! we found marble slab- the equivelent of cold rock and also found the amazing free tast testing policy, i tried 3 flavours, dans tried 4 and matt won with 6 flavors. love scamming the system....moving on, we went into downtown calgary, and ventured to the calgary tower. apparently its the highest tower in the western hemisphere (once you add the height above sea level!) its pretty cool tho, you get a 360 degree view of calgary, and apparently on a clear day you can see all the way out to the rockies....however as im yet to see them, im not entirely sure they exist! pretty cool is the glass bottom section on the observation level. you can stand and literally look straight down on the city. pretty freaky and it took me a while to go out onto it! anyways, had a pretty sweet day all up and ready for sleep!

Friday, June 15, 2007

lost in transit

hey peoples,
so ive arrived in calgary....23 hours in transit, 3 airplanes, 4 airports, 3 currencies, 3 countries, 4 hours in delayed planes on the tarmack, 1 security scare, 3 airplane meals, and 1 lost bag later....and here i am...exhausted and ready to sleep.....more later.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

so so tired

so its 1am....and i have 1 night left after this in sydney....i have way to much to do for the few hours i have left, have not begun to think about packing, am tired beyond words and now have a sore throat.....things are looking less than fun for the next few days....

said goodbye to the beach tonight, its gonna be a long time till i see that wonderful sight again....

....these are all the words i have for this hour....