Thursday, September 18, 2008


so a whole summer has gone by and no news.....kinda a testament to how crazy busy my life has been in the last 3 months....
ranch was fantastic but also the most tiring thing ive done in my life. having to apear to be on full energy 24/7 is suprisingly draining. but i met some amazing campers and made some awesome new friends....
highlights of summer include-
  • hitting up toronoto in a limo dressed to the 9's with 8 other incredible forgeiners
  • new friends- esp the brit boys, breeza, gav n jess and building up some awesome old friendships.
  • getting to witness the journey of the brit boys coming to know Christ and being baptised
  • getting to impact some awesome campers
  • being the cupcake queen
  • being so absurdly tired that i lay on the ground in a staff meeting laughing for approx 5 mins with sarah
  • random bp adventures involving traffic cones.
  • standing on a large scaffold aka lighting rod in the midst of a near tornedo pelting kids with water balloons.

since summer finished ive had my fair share of adventures spending a few days at Josh's cottage with a few fantastic people, soaking up the sun, tubing, water skiing, sipping wine on the deck, checking out the stars on the dock, paddle boating and exploring gangsta island. and then spending a few days camping at tobermorey off lake huron and georgian bay on the bruce penisula checking out the grottos, meeting randoms at the campsite, late night walks in search of fire and the demo derby on the way home.

then i jetted off to hallifax nova scotia with bree o visit the clarkes for the week and had a fantastic time checking out downtown, chillin with bree, catching up with some friends from my last nova scotia trip n seeing jess n gavs for a few days. very early sunday morning bree n i headed to the airport her to head back to toronoto and me to head to London via washington- only to find out my flight to washington was cancelled due to the hurricane and so got shifted to a flight to ottawa (business class- FANCY!) and then onto london. Randomly Julie happened to be in ottawa at the time and so i had a great afternoon seeing julie and matt and catching up a bit on the past few months. it was short but sweet and saved me from a bunch of boredom in ottawa airport!!

i arrived nice and early in london on monday morning and made my way into the city and onto a bus to bristol to spend a few days seeing neil and jen my mates from ranch last summer. they are getting married in oct and so it was great to get to spend a few days catching up with them before the hecticness of wedding prep takes over!! been a great week here and tomorrow i head on anotehr few buses to nottingham to visit the brit boys from ranch this summer for a few days, before heaidng up to glasgow on many adventures still to come, got over a month in the UK so lots to do and see and maybe some more stories before i get home....

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