Sunday, October 19, 2008

my life by dot point...

so its been a while eh??? so much has happened in the last month so you get it by dot point! here goes.....
-arrived in london sept 15th (strangely exactly 2 years after i got here last time!) and bussed up to bristol to hang with neil and jen. had a fantastic time with them and met some great people- sophia and lisa!
-bussed up to nottingham to see samwise, tom tom, lucky and corey! had such a great time here catching up with everyone. got to check out a panthers game and realised just how good at hockey these guys were!!! nicely done boys! had a great chance to hang with sam on his birthday, and tom n lucks on the monday. even got to head out into town for sams birthday and met a whole bunch of really awesome people!
-bussed up to glasgow....way tooo long on a bus! but got to see yvonne and got very well looked after by her family! learnt to golf and LOVE IT!! headed to aberdeen for the weekend, and edinburgh.
-road tripped round scotland with phil checking out the isle of skye, the highland- and got to see jesse which was fantastic! hit up inverness, and dundee where i got to see john and ana again. had such a great time hanging out with them and catching up on the few months past, then headed to stirling to see malcom and catch up on his life and meet his lady!!
-flew to belfast to see neilio. and had the priviledge of staying with ally. checked out belfast with gav and jess whom i met in canada and also got down to dublin. drove around teh north coast of northern ireland and saw the giants causeway, without a front drivers window in the car! very very cool country!
-flew to amsterdam to see julie and matt and got to explore the city. really really interesting town. got to see the van gogh museum and wander around rembrandts house. all very cool and arty!
-trained to brussels for the day to check out the home of chocolate, waffles and tin tin!
-flew back to glasgow for a day with yvonne before bidding her a very sad farewell to her...yes there were a few tears....and gettinga bus back to nottingham again. stayed with tom this time and got to catch up with everyone again and had the chance to meet even more very awesome people. went into town on thursday with claire and amy, and got to watch the boys hockey practice on friday before getting the bus down to bristol...
-jen and neils wedding was great!! had such a fun day and once again- even more great people to meet!!!
-and katrina picked me up in bristol this afternoon and now im spending the week in london. my days are quickly filling up with catching up with people from sydney! so should be a great week before flying back to toronto and then home in a little under 3 weeks!!

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