Friday, July 17, 2009 bad....

hey hey everyone out there....
so its been ages since i left home and ive been so bad with updates...
so heres whats happened in dot point.....
  • i arrived safely, after a 9 hour delay in lax. very very boring airport....
  • photographed a wedding 2 days later with jetlag. great wedding!
  • got my fellow aussies a week later- yay sam and kris
  • another weddingt the next weekend of one of my adopted canadian sisters. awesome wedding!
  • started working and getting stuff ready for summer....
  • spent a week pulling weeds and leeachs out of the ponds on ranch
  • my brit boys came back and brought more with them!
  • saw transformers2
  • camp started. sooooooooo busy
  • golf cart doenst work so everything takes way mroe time to get ready than it should....not cool
  • went to ribfest and got free ribs. AH-MAZING!!!!!
  • going again this weekend!!
  • went to an amaizng cottage with the hockey guys and rena last weekend. closets to a real beach in ontario! incredible sunset over water!

  • played a cool game, got rugby tackled and got a concussion! had to be woken up every2 horus all night....curent;ly have a whopping headache!!
so thats it all in a nutshell.
hope your all well!!!

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dr maya vale said...


good to see you're still alive! i'm glad things are going so well for you - personal injuries aside - and i can abbasolutely sympathise with your evaluation of lax; i've had to transit there three times now and that's three more times than i'll ever want to do it again. san francisco, on the other hand, is a great place to transit, with art exhibits (at least where i was) and some very delicious foodie places. i noticed garage hymnal have another album out in the koorong catalogue and it reminded me of you - thought i'd say hi. God bless - write me and let me know what you're up to.

ybiC, adam